leisure possibilities: The T.U.R.M. Adventure town center: With this sport and adventure center, patrons fulfill themselves with a dream cherished for many decades. In the TURM, you can enjoy swimming, sauna, or spa. Bowling, vertical climbing, Beach Volleyball or tennis are among the many activities.
Bicycle Tours: The cycle trek, Berlin to Copenhagen leads Copenhagen from Berlin by the wonderful landscapes of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in Denmark until, in Brandenburg runs it by the district Oberhavel with an overall length of 130 km. In the middle in the country, surround by lakes, navigable rivers, canal-locks and channels. If you prefer more challenging fitness, the route is popular with Inline Skaters as well.
Lehnitz Lake: Idyllically situated in direct proximity of the town centre, is the Lehnitzsee. Summer swimming is allowed on both the Oranienburger and the Lehnitzer side. Further swimming lakes are:

Further leisure-time possibilities are: Fishing, balloon travel, boat and steamship trips, ice skating, Golf, Bowling, Cinema, historical Carriage Rides, airplane rides, Skating, rowing or Kayaking in The Spreewald, skin-diving, animal park courses, hiking and water skiing.